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Housekeeping & Office Service in Ibiza

We take care of your house, apartment, finca, villa, shop or office in Ibiza

House cleaning

  • Basic cleaning
  • Intensive cleaning (proposed twice a year)
  • Final construction cleaning
  • Window cleaning (basic or intensive)
  • Kitchen cleaning (basic or intensive)
  • Laundry service

Window cleaning

  • Window cleaning, also for offices, shops and restaurants
  • Basic cleaning window panes inside and outside
  • Intensive cleaning: additional cleaning of the frames, windowsills, shutters and removal of persistent stains on the pane such as paint splashes or residues of stickers

Check-in/check-out & guest service

  • Guest reception and instruction
  • Hand-over of keys
  • Contact and service for your guests on the spot
  • Concierge service
  • Final inspection

Garden & pool

  • Garden maintenance
  • Garden furniture maintenance
  • Pool cleaning and maintenance
  • Provision of your terrace- and garden furniture

Office service – postal service – scan service

  • Reception, pickup and handling of your post
  • Scans – individual or in batch
  • Prints – colour and black-and-white
  • Send post and e-mails, save in the cloud
  • Paperless office – your documents everywhere, in the smartphone, tablet
  • Preparation for accounting

Errands & purchases

  • We fill your fridge and handle other errands or purchases for you. For example, we apply for a telephone connection or drive for you in the hardware store

Airport transfers & transports

  • We pick you or your guests up from the airport
  • We also offer other transfers during your stay on the island

Inspection rounds

  • We check your home, apartment, finca, store, or office by inspecting the doors, windows, and shutters to see if anything is out of the ordinary, such as tracks or changes on and around the house
  • We check the light, the connections and devices. Meanwhile, we ventilate your house and inform you, if measures are necessary, e.g. against mould or uninvited pets

Home staging, deko and photos

  • We let your home or rooms look great for you, your rental or sale: by decorating, cleverly moving things and furniture, lighting and taking photos



  • Transports from Germany to Ibiza and from Ibiza to Germany
  • Partial routes between Germany and Ibiza possible
  • Similar routes, e.g. over Cologne, Stuttgart, France, Holland, Switzerland, Balearic Islands
  • Partial cargos
  • Removals, transports & assemblies in Ibiza, pickup in the furniture store, delivery and installation


Carrer del Mar
07840 Santa Eulària des Riu
Ibiza, Spanien